Hours and Hours, Miles and Miles

with Cody Parrish When I caught up with him to ask about possibly buying one of his ponies for a friend of mine, the pony was already sold and it was only the first day of the show! So, instead I consoled myself with his wonderful story. Cody, who is all of 6 years old, is in a “partnership” with his brother, Chase, who is now 3. He began buying ponies when he was 4. He and his father, Brett Parrish, gather up ponies ten at a time. The ponies are bought privately through the newspaper or advertisements, not at sales. When […]

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A Fascinating Walk through the History of Horse Shoeing

National Museum of Horse Shoeing Tools and Hall of Honor Lee Liles, Museum Director Whether you’re a farrier, a horseman, or just interested in learning something about one of the horse world’s oldest trades, a visit to the National Museum of Horse Shoeing Tools gives an entertaining look at the tools, life and products in the horse shoers’ world. Begun as a private collection, the Museum features one-of-a-kind items and memorabilia that has been gathered over many years. Now, in one place is an unprecedented and never-before-seen collection that contains both the conventional and the unusual – the contemporary and […]

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So, you Wanna be a Horse Trainer

Advice from Cleve Wells Written by Marilyn Morris-Mayer Ever think you’d like to be a horse trainer, or just wonder what kind of life it is? World champion trainer Cleve Wells gives a close hand look at what it takes to make it as a horse trainer in any field–especially the road to the top in pleasure… Getting started can be rough Cleve’s advice to those who want to start their life as a trainer is fairly simple, but not the kind of advice everyone wants to hear: Travel light. (This first step to success can be an eye-opener for […]

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Trainer Trust

Advice from Cleve Wells By Marilyn Morris-Mayer  What should you expect when you put your horse in the hands of a western pleasure trainer? And what should you, the owner, be bringing to the table as well (along with your wonderful horse and your hard-earned dollars)? What should trainers expect from their clients? Cleve shares insights on how people can work with their trainer to reach realistic goals, and how trainers can ease that process while advancing their business at the same time. First things first, he notes, everybody needs to be on the same page… In it for the […]

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In the Hands of a Trainer

Advice for Amateurs from Cleve Wells By Marilynn Morris-Mayer — Reprinted with permission from the Equine Chronicle. What can amateurs expect from a trainer when hiring that professional to guide them and their horse? And what should they be willing to contribute, mentally and physically? AQHA World Champion trainer Cleve Wells of Burleson, Texas, who has guided numerous amateur western pleasure riders to the heights of success through the years (while garnering countless Congress and World Show wins as well himself), delves into what it takes to make it all work. Roll up your sleeves Noting that he wants his amateurs […]

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When AQHA Calls

By Marilyn Morris-Mayer – Reprinted with permission from the Equine Chronicle You can be sure of one thing…when the American Quarter Horse Association calls, its members never fail to answer. When AQHA sent out invitations to the top western pleasure people in the country last December (selecting the top 10 riders from open Western Pleasure at the last three AQHA World Shows and the top 100 riders from the NSBA), close to 70 of those men and women managed to put their holiday plans on hold momentarily (and reaching into their own pockets for transportation and lodging costs) boarded a […]

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