Thanks to Your Tapes

I bought a seven year old mare last year that had a very successful show career in western pleasure. I rode her and liked her, but she had two years off from showing and I wasn’t sure if she would perform to that level again. We had more problems than anticipated. She was hardly ever rode or showed for that matter one handed. In February, we took her to a top pleasure trainer. She was coming along slowly, but things happened to set her back. The trainer gave up all hope in showing her and told us we should look for a new horse. We brought her home in May and began going through your tapes and starting doing the things you said. The progress came quickly at first and then began to slow down. We decided we should try and show her. Her first show wasn’t the best, but we did manage to place in a very tough amateur class. As the shows went on (we kept doing things on the tapes), she began to get better and better. You could see a little progress at every show. Needless to say, towards August, we began winning the senior and amateur pleasure classes with her. Over the winter we will work on her more because she still is not the most consistent, but a 100% improvement from the first show. I just wanted to say thank you for putting out your tapes. A lot of people gave up hope in her, but with your help maybe we can recreate her past success.

December 5th, 2008   |   Posted in Testimonials   |   0 Comments


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