Experience of a Lifetime


My apprenticeship with you was an experience of a lifetime, an experience that made me realize that a dream can become a reality when the influences of serendipity, hard work, dedication and a love for horses interact.

My time at your ranch in Burleson was a tremendous validation for me that working with horses is exactly what I want to do. The challenges you provided were numerous and the learning curve was steep, but what stands out most in my mind is the fellowship with you, EH and Eric extended to me. You each made me feel like an integral part of your team from the moment I arrived at your ranch.

The knowledge that I gained and the encouragement that I received from each of you has provided me with focus and direction. The experience of working with you has impacted my life, my career direction and my desire to work, to train and to learn from friends who not only work hard and love what they do, but who are willing to share their knowledge and lead by example.

The opportunity you afforded me provided me with a most wonderful lasting gift – you allowed me to follow my heart and live my dream.

Errin Sussey · Assistant Trainer
McMillian Quarter Horses · Gainesville, Texas

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