A Fascinating Walk through the History of Horse Shoeing

National Museum of Horse Shoeing Tools and Hall of Honor

Lee Liles, Museum Director

Whether you’re a farrier, a horseman, or just interested in learning something about one of the horse world’s oldest trades, a visit to the National Museum of Horse Shoeing Tools gives an entertaining look at the tools, life and products in the horse shoers’ world.

Begun as a private collection, the Museum features one-of-a-kind items and memorabilia that has been gathered over many years.

Now, in one place is an unprecedented and never-before-seen collection that contains both the conventional and the unusual – the contemporary and the obsolete.

Authentic tools of the horse shoeing world.

Plus, the museum features an extensive collection of the horse shoer in art. Visit the National Museum of Horse Shoeing tools and be delighted and amazed as you view the heritage and the history of the trade itself.

Plus, tour the museum’s Hall of Honor to learn about the luminaries in this fascinating field – the companies and manufacturers that have created products for the horse shoeing industry.

The museum contains thousands of special tools and shoes – both contemporary and from the past. Lee Liles began his horse shoeing business in 1965, and went on to become the official farrier for four world championship horse shows for three different breeds – the American Quarter Horse Association, the Tennessee Walking Horse Association, the American Paint Horse Association.

Very active in the equine industry, as well, Lee and Alma Liles started Carrousel Farms in 1985 in Tennessee, and the horse operation has garnered world and national titles. Carrousel Farms was relocated to Sulphur in 1998 and is the location of the National Museum of Horse Shoeing Tools and Hall of Honor.

A long-time collector, Lee Liles made his collection of blacksmith tools and memorabilia available for exhibition locally during the bicentennial year and the tremendous response to their displays inspired him to increase his efforts to preserve the farriers’ heritage. From those beginnings came the National Museum of Horse Shoeing Tools and Hall of Honor.

Liles enjoys escorting visitors through the rustic elegance of the 4000 square foot museum building. There is no charge for admission to the museum, but please call ahead to make an appointment for a conducted tour.

Location: 8849 US Highway 177, 8 miles north of Sulphur, Oklahoma at Carrousel Farms, 580-622-4644, Fax: 580-622-4669, email.

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